Friday, May 10, 2013


I am so far behind that I'm not going to try to catch up.  You didn't miss much--probably just a lot of diapers and T.V.

This week has been full of Finals and cuteness. Have you seen my son lately? He's adorable! He's starting to grow out of his clothes so today I decided to put him in this outfit that always seemed to drown him before. And it made him look just like his dad.

See? Gingham. So cute!

So secretly, that was why I wanted to make a post in the first place. It's a good excuse.

Ben and I are officially finished with this semester. Ben just had regular tests but I had to write a few term papers for my finals in a couple classes. For my Music 1109 (Servey of Jazz History) it was a five-page, double spaced essay on Duke Ellington. I finished it on Saturday (the 4th). Awesomely enough, I got an A+ on it--full credit. I felt awesome.

The one for my History 1118 class (U.S. History) was a 2-3 page, single spaced paper and it was a pain. It was due Monday (the 6th) at 7AM. I finished it at 5AM that morning. Talk about your all-nighter. I veged monday because of the late night.

I mean, it was mostly my fault because I'd known about the papers all semester, but it still sucked. (I got a B on it by the way--82%).

My friend Destini has been staying with us since last week. Just until she can move into her new place. (She's moving into student housing so she has to wait until the semester is over/ the other people have moved out, but her previous place wanted her out by the first). I've been sharing recipes with her because she doesn't know how to cook anything that isn't meat and potatoes (which shes got me beat at--I cant cook a steak to save my life).

We've made Chicken Enchiladas, Cheesy Broccoli soup, Hamburgers and grilled pineapple; yummy things like that. It's been fun. 

I had more pictures of my son to post but they won't load onto Blogger for some reason...


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  1. Dear Sam! The family is the main thing. The baby is the most important. Everything will be OK in time. My wife and I lived the life of a youg family and overcame all difficulties. Be strong and patient. Good luck and happiness.