Monday, May 20, 2013

The Missis Misses

A week away from one's spouse is a little unsettling.

Like I said before, I was at my sister's all week because my husband was at a special week-long Drill so their unit could do weapon's qualifications before Annual Training in August. It. Sucked.

It sucked to be away from him and from home for a week, yes, but I enjoyed my time with my sister. Besides getting to catch up on Doctor Who on her Comcast, and getting addicted to Downton Abbey (yes, we spent all week watching British television. It was awesome), we also did some other things. Like talk about our children, stay up until 3am (getting HER addicted to Doctor Who--YES!), go to target, drink Italian sodas, hang out with the Shepherds, and go out to eat together.

I always feel like I learn a lot about parenting anytime I visit family members. I seriously have no idea what I'm doing. Kim does things differently than me, and seeing her reminds me that there are things I should be watching for (like my son possibly rolling off the couch! or something) and developmental advances (Adalae learned to sit up on her own, albeit wobbily, while I was there), especially since Adalae is only a little bit older than Alex. Plus, Kim plays with her daughter differently than I play with Alex. It just makes me think.

 DOCTOR WHO! I'm obsessed (previous post tell you anything?). Watching the new season made her want to start the series over. we got half way through the 2nd reboot season before I left. It was awesome.

 Kim: "I want all of the episodes! Download them straight to my brain!"

Me: "That would be so much faster."

Kim: "Not if you had dial-up."


Italian Sodas

  • 2 ounces flavoring syrup (1/4 cup)
  • 1 ounce half-and-half
  • Ice
  • Shasta brand Club Soda
  • whipping cream (optional)
 Add the flavoring and half-and-half to a tall glass and stir them really good. Add your ice. Fill the rest of the glass with Club Soda and add stir. Add (unwhipped) whipping cream to the top.

They're delicious.

We went out to eat twice while I was there. Once to the Rumbi Island Grille because it's delicious, and once to a place called The Gabor Brothers Main Street Grill and Pizzaria. We WERE going to go to Olive Garden (because it's our favorite) but Friday night in Leighton, Utah meant an hour-long wait for two! It was nasty so we looked up other places on her smartphone. Gabor Brothers came up as one of the only other Italian places in town so we decided to go there.

Kim really wanted Zuppa Tuscana from Olive Garden and ironically, that was their soup of the day at Gabor Brothers! It was pretty much an amazing coincidence. You should have seen the look on her face when the waiter said that was the soup.

She ordered Muscles and I had cheese ravioli in Alfredo sauce (which I'm just remembering I left in her fridge. Dang). It was really good and I would definitely go there again.

Today: Don't my boys look just alike?

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