Sunday, April 7, 2013

General Confrence Weekend

I don't feel like a lot happened this weekend, but you decide.

First (starting with Thursday), Destini Rowe came over to get some boxes (she's moving. Again.). She ended up staying for dinner which is unusual for her. I think she thinks it inconveniences me to have her over, as if I: A)don't already plan to make dinner, and B) don't love to cook anyway. She's too independent for her own good sometimes. (Ooooh but while she was here she found this recipe for Chocolate Lasagna which looks DELICIOUS! I really want to try it). It was nice to sit and talk to her for a while. I get pretty lonely sometimes at home all by myself.

While she was here, I got a call from Rebecca Corcorran, one of my friends from what I am now going to refer to as The Downey Crew (consisting of: Becca, Amanda Corcorran, Amanda Jensen, and Sierra Jensen. Plus sometimes other siblings of theirs including, but not limited to: Quinn Jensen and Andrea Poen. It's complicated). She asked me to come to Flags West in Downey for a dinner get together with our little Downey Crew. Instead, I told her they should all come see my new house and hang out with me in Pocatello instead. She agreed. And it almost happened Friday night too! The plans were all set until I got a call from my dad Friday morning reminding me that he had said he was coming in to see my house Friday evening. Of course then I had to cancel on Becca because my dad kind of made plans last week to come and I couldn't bail on him.

So Friday night my dad took us and my siblings, Kimberly and Robert, out to dinner at Golden Corral (which I like, unlike some people I know who call it the Golden Trough--Eww except the chocolate fountain. I won't touch that). I'm pretty sure I ate as much dessert foods as I did real food though. (Plus a Mountain Dew to drink. Man, I need to do some sit-ups).

Saturday was pretty boring. I didn't watch General Conference like I should have. I completely forgot about it until 2:30, plus I don't have cable anyway. Hopefully I'll get to it online this week. Since I watch a lot of TV anyway, It wont hurt to preempt my ridiculous Cartoon Network cartoon kick to get a little religious goodness into my day, right?

When Ben got home from drill, he texted Jerry and we expected Kim and Jerry to come over (since that's what Jerry said). But we waited like two hours and they never came (They're staying at a friend's house in Pocatello this week. She just had back surgery). Turns out, Jerry ended up going to the monster truck show with my uncle Paul, and his phone died so he didn't have a way to tell us that his plans changed. He didn't even tell Kim he planned on them coming over. Totally huge misunderstanding! But it still pissed Ben off because he was looking forward to hanging out with Jerry. He felt a little "swept under the rug" to put it in his words. So he spent the rest of the night installing our bedroom door and trying not to be angry.

I'm actually avoiding General Conference today. Isn't that awful? I want to watch it with Ben but I doubt that will happen. Its not the only thing I'm avoiding though. I have a test I need to take before midnight.

Oh, by the way, did I tell you about my dryer? It totally doesn't work very well. It needs a new thermometer. except that it has two and I have no idea which is busted. I ought to just buy both. I cant wash towels though because of it. They wont dry. At all. (Small loads of clothes will though).

I swear if FEELS like nothing really happened this weekend. I spent the majority of it cleaning, watching TV and tending my son. Its pretty much what I do every day.

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